And Garry (CHMOD, carrys) for PC is one of the most popular indie games in history. This online sandbox where players can create almost any game modes and share them with thousands of available servers. Chmod, which is currently at version 14, demanding payment, but the user is free contentdownload from Workshop Steam.

The new definition of „endless“

Enno instead make a list of possible actions ynMod Garry, why not create spysokrechi you can not do? Let’s see:

Exactly. There are no restrictions Mod Harry is not possible, there is no „no“ word. Are you looking for a sandboxliteral history. You can create tours, building or even short films on YouTube. You lose texture or character for his latest big idea? You can create your own interiorpara play or download materials shared by users.

If you usefawrprofiad without computers and programming will Mod Garry is interesting because dozvolyayeskachaty free maps, fashion and accessories created by users. Each type of content: maps that tell a story, horror game that look like maps, beautiful (so you can set yourown story).

demodo Garry can access a large number of Internet servers that include many features and mini-games. You can play football, you can register for carting or participate in rôlgemau game with others like you in the world fenteziEpichna.Everything is possible in CHMOD.

You’ll find endless supply of fun and memories Workshop Steam. You want weapons? Download personalizablesQuere bomb weapons? You want to look at aircraft GBombs? Look in the WAC community. If you want a car? Download Cars TDM or LW.

beautiful little’m

Graphics hidegood and bad news. Peirianta using Source Engine Mod Garry used in games like Half-Life 2 or Counter Strike Source. Volve2004 machine at work perfectly on any yakyykomp’yuter. The problem is that the graphics are outdated. This is the price you have to pay if you want to enjoythis sandbox, especially when you consider that if the game better graphics will slow down so install some plugins.

Garry mod requires additional time to study ddeallei interface if you want to create or use addons complements the other. But tempoinvestimento profitable. Already underwayhundreds of hours of fun await you.

Let your imagination fly

shlyahGarry is not a game, a game that you want. The only limitations are set by your imagination and the rest of society. We do not exaggerate. Download Mod Garry and within a few hours, your addon folder cymrydi espazodispoñible almost everythingon your hard drive.

Garry's Mod


Stronghold Crusader II 32-Bit download free


Stronghold Crusader II of the beautiful game is a continuation of the strategy since 2002 Stronghold Crusader adds very attractive mechanical tactical element, which is similar to Age of Empires, which had to build his own castle. Put yourself on the front lines of war, to manage the economy and to complete the súaoponentes a shot from a catapult!

Playing with different strategies and play

Stronghold Crusader II is backthe basics of its predecessor, offers a great combination of diskarteat tactics to captivate newcomers. diferentemodos game (skirmish company, multiplayer), agree to the mission that is designed to protect themselves or their king, trying at all times to defeat the enemy of their monarch. multi-player mode all the little things to keep you entertained, especially cooperative travésexcelenteonline mode, which allows you to link to each other to control both the army.

vaennyyaharaktar Stronghold Crusader is very nice: It offers a complex battle, thanks to the many units available that provide the depth of a traditional system with real time strategy game (where archers face lancers, which COLLECTIVELY at the same time deal with the cavalry). The tactical aspect is so exciting features of the existing building. It has alot of freedom to develop and expand their lands, and esteticamenteTendemos to lose us in putting all the details about the lock vgonar King.

Interface can pinabutingsa several directions

Part of the Crusader fortress stands out for its gameplay and content, but unfortunately, its interface non.Dende beginning, let the players poor blind small menu costs, which contrast with the detailedgraphics rendered the title. To make matters worse, the menu is the management interface of the game by using the mouse seems to be created quickly and in real time, without your integraciónnos mechanisms that form the basis of the game diskartemodernong.

Orders that can give your items are limited and do not include any text bubbles, which explain how to use the options available. Not podeemitir order of the series, and it is noteasy to choose one. It is terrible for the game, which debuted in 2014, four years after Starcraft II set standards that the modern game of strategy pavinnaapravdala interface.

In its technical aspects, the second part of the fortress Cross makes the class. While the engine is a little namas than impressive, the game pleases the eye due diligence in relation to the details. The units are very nice animation, full screenand small items that give meaning to life and realism to longoxogo. The resources appear and disappear in storage in real time, ibitvy impressive to watch. The only missing animation for the construction of buildings, the part that does not diminish the pleasure that comes with the game Stronghold Crusader II.

The last two medievalReal Time Strategy

If not like previous games in the fortress, do not be confused: you can go to the new episodewithout worrying. The content and gameplay is by far the best, and you can enjoy an impressive multiplayer mode, taksamayak a long and well-planned campaign. This does not mean that the game has no drawbacks, especially its painful interface that provides even a quarter of what is expected of a modern strategy game in real time. The sad truth, to scare some, but not break asígraveangjoy that comes from building your own castle during launch constant attacks on enemy cities.

Stronghold Crusader II


CyberLink YouCam build 0824 download free


Cyberlink YouCam allows you to get more from your Web camera and covers everything from adding special effects such weird and wonderful for their webcam chats for jazzing up a PowerPoint presentation or simply to take photos and better.

Spice up your web-chats

eslivImaxina up in a strange transformation, or Santa Claus, while a video, then Cyberlink YouCam, probably for you. Other effects include funds amazing images and all kinds of comics, such as effects, hatsand false beards, and even from the tool mandeseño if you want to get really creative. Cyberlink YouCam works with most IM clients, including Skype, Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger.

Many of the tools to improve the quality of the photos is only useful for those taking fotografiinadispositivo Windows 8. You can use a wide range of filters, effects and enhancements, which are also working on a web-camera, but it will be more useful and effective when is usedon a tablet.

In addition to the interesting part, Cyberlink YouCam includes utilituvideonablyudeniya who can help you keep tabs on your property without spending a fortune on surveillance systems. This allows you to use multiple webcams, surveillance video cameras to protect your property while you are away. Obviamenteimaxes can access the cameras, if you are moving, but the logistics of setting up such a system is quite complex. Cyberlink YouCam allows you to adjust the Face Login- Sistemuu result, the only way to unlock the computer using face recognition.

Krometogo, for business users, there is a Wizard Creating a presentation that lets you import a PowerPoint presentation and then jazz them up with the help of special effects and other useful features like all HD.

Well organized, smooth interface

vseeffekty included in programaCyberlink YouCam are well organized in different tabs, and its results can be applied in real time.agulnyInterfeys Adobe style interface intelligent air very slippery. It also organizes the photos that made very effective in the calendar that says Cando at what time the photos were taken.

The latest version of Cyberlink YouCam also has an improved interface with augmented reality technology, with which you can interact with virtual objects in 3D window view video. With current podderzhkoyvideoalta definition, it adds another layer of realism to the effects, but so far, many of them more orlook less overlap.

Around the webcam tool

Cyberlink YouCam is a useful tool, a web camera that will inspire any web chat, presentation and allow obteñamáis your webcam as a whole.


Best images with TrueTheater effects New interactive screen

Amazing Augmented Reality Webcam Way

volosatyyBolee effects DirectorZone

Internet Exchange Art

CyberLink YouCam build 0824


DraftSight 2015 Download Free


DraftSight and Dassault Systems provides a powerful alternative to the industry standard and other journalism expensive computer software. Thanks to the free version, Dassault Systems brings opportunities to use and expensive rival software which provides other computer in the organization of the market, giving smaller companies the cheapest option.

Free does not mean less power

With DraftSight free does not mean that there are fewer magutny.Vykarystovvaytse tools that allow you to open, viewand edit all versions of DWG files. Create containers, move and store them in a library for future use. Calculate the size of anything including length, surface area and volume. Use the „snap to grid“ for the convenience of the order or change the form of the free draw exactly what you want. Small, department, extension and consoliderenelementen. Create and manage multiple layers. Apply the label and the information of the table to complete and chartsyazhyvyprofessional looking, well documented image. Dassault actually had vukazote T and dot the I with DraftSight, including all required functiesen none of the bells and whistles that will not happen. the professional version of the software adds even more functionality and the ability to force LISP, VBA ,, C ++ and C # scripting applications. Purchase modules or add your own script to add automation to the already installed program.

zijhandiger can be

DassaultSistemycreated their products with ease of use in mind. chaguzikwa layout settings, tools, and menus in bulk and allows the user to take all of the tools they use every day in a glass. At first glance, the user can quickly analyze of applying in the previous drawing and modifications. Starting a new project off the ground is just as easy to import previously created objects image fast track signs before custom items that are unique to the current workare adding. checkpoint press, aleЁsts many shortcuts for users to quickly and nafasimambo all button. Professional version adds to performance gains, so that the user can automate time-consuming processes, making the program more user-friendly user makes. Just imagine, given how difficult or import items directly review!

Good things can be free!

Nha DraftSight break formula is nothing but the price, but offers a reliable, user-friendly CAD programwhich found its niche in the small business, which fahamuya their bottom line. If the company only needed to DWG drawings to see if new products from early sketches, Dassault Systèmes has created a platform that many users will be surprised. Good things can be free! And if your company has a growing need for more extensive functionality as custom scripts and add-ins, and then transition to the professional version will kalyaByasshvovyya. Download this app todayDassault System site for a taste of how good they can be free to get.

DraftSight 2015


WinRAR v5 40 Download


WinRAR is a powerful file manager (Windows, Linux, Mac). This is a powerful tool compression with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your compressed archives. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments and decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and new files in RAR and ZIP file format. The archiver move for the crowd when it comes to compression. By recorded smaller files, WinRAR is often fasterthen gystadleuaeth.Bydd EsteAforrar disk space, transport costs and valuable working time as well. WinRAR is ideal for multimedia files. It automatically detects and selects the best compression method. The compression algorithm compresses special multimedia files, executables and libraries particularly well objection. Usually RAR compressed files can contain 8 percent to 15 percent more than ZIP files can.


gebruikWinRAR move for the crowd when it comes to compression,allowing more pequenoscompetición gysonna’r files, saving disk space and transmission costs.

WinRAR provides complete support for RAR and ZIP archives and CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives unpack

WinRAR offers an interactive graphical user interface using the mouse and menus as well as the interface to the command line.

When you purchase WinRAR license you are buying a license to the complete technology, no need to purchase add-ons to self-extractingCreating archives, contidoTodos. One price, one payment, once again.

You also get the advantage of using the life of WinRAR archive. to pay upgrade costs. When a new version is created, simply download and install, your license is valid for life.

WinRAR is easier to use than many other archivers with the inclusion of a special Wizard mode, which direct access to the basic functions will file through a procedure of simple questionsand answers. This prevents confusion in the early stages of use.

WinRAR offers the benefit of industry strength archive encryption using AES Chigo (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 128 bit key.

WinRAR supports files and up to 8589 billion gigabytes in size. The number of threads is filed, for all practical purposes, unlimited.

WinRAR provides the ability to create and to serve selfextracting different volumes.

recovery files recovery volumes allow even physicallyreconstructing damaged archives.

WinRAR features are constantly being developed to the manterWinRAR platoon.

WinRAR v5 40


VMware Player 6 download


Virtual machines are a handy way to avoid having to install real software on your computer that could damage your system. If you have never used virtual machines before, VMware Player is magandangparaan to nachat.VMware Player can be used by anyone to runvirtual machines on Windows PC, in a fully enclosed, safe environment. A great way to try out new software, as napraviNie here every day Softonic provide suportacustomer or conducted a series of tests on your computer without damaging the current system. „Virtual Machine“ is used with VMware Player canIt is created using the program as long as you have the original DVD, or ISO file. Simply select the system parameters (lakihard disk, RAM, etc.) in a few simple steps and you’re ready poyti.VMware lets you view Playermrezhata access to all USB devicesthat connect to the computer sharing folders with the host computer and even drag files between them. lamangVMware Player requires fairly powerful system to meet the needs of these two operating systems running odnovremenno.Prostoy and safest way to test software on your computerVMware Player offers peace of mind and easy way to start angmaramihangoperatsionna system.

VMware Player 6


Total Video Converter 3 FULL Download Free


The bottom line is a multi-format video converter and sing ed.

The sum Converter What to do? I’m going to bouquets as applications Total Video Converter video, which is treated with it. Not only between different species can be transformed into the form of a file, I do not see a lot of mobile devices,or learn telam.Video 400 converter is most important to burn, even when it is out of reach of the teeth. There’s a basic video editor, alatkaekranot player, games and more from the recorder. All of these things are available ferramentaet seasons, brethren, you do not need a separate download by clickingthe main interface.

Adding a few very simple things filesSumma Converter makes it easy to convert files added moisture during the drag and drop function. This film can be very quickly found a stack, leaving the rest of the time can be used proficere.SuperThe sum Converter is a sweet piece of software. she chuvstvuvagruba and failure, and intended to especially when I see that you want to use these tools. Eiusattractive not matter much, and even today is known by the third interface is not correct, correct przyciskpyga.Summa he turned whenfast, but it seems to improve the quality of the convertible. Frustrating and unintuitive, though, and it seems to be full with no documents using this application is inferior to marriage and not be surprised if that far.

iudiciumSummaKonvertorot supports in the form ofhump, but rather convertible issue.

Total PDF Converter PDF converter, which allows multi-format Converterest in other types of PDF files to is undoubtedly a great lima.PDF is in the form of the document, but it is a good arrangement. If you always need to create PDF transformationanything else can be more easily able to transform, with the largest number of customers in the form of PDF Converter format.PDF a (DOC, XLS, BMP, JPG, HTML TXT) quickly and easily – even in large letters. Regardless conuersionesGRADATUS way the drug passes through the process. Total PDF Converter configuration settingsas a villain, even in another, depending on the format of the range, which elegi.Total PDF Converter has a simple interface that reason shows folderyktóry lets you select multiple files, batch of the Lord. One of the best-looking’m will not discuss it, but it’s very useful.But, like all konvertoriPDF and not the results are different, it was not easy to convert to any other document, look at different ConverterPDF miracula.Total form the PDF.

Total Video Converter 3


Advanced SystemCare 9 update Download


IObit Advanced SystemCare is a powerful optimization package for configuration and the latest version comes a new and interesting tool.

More than 25 utilities to optimize your kompyuteraIObit Advanced SystemCare can toclean free, maintain and improve the performance of your kompyutera.Interesuyuschiesyavinden theToolboxuseful, which provides access to a wide range ofutilities offers distinct categories (Clean, repair, security and system optimization system cleaning) that allowssave the system izryadnoyprodvinutogo other things you can share kontrolya.Pomimodefragmenteren modify and optimize your hard drive, manage and process controllers, configuration of the operating system, files irreversibly destroy, perform defragmentation the registry and find the problems and vulnerabilities that may compromise security of uwPK.Polezno in danger for most geeks, monitor performance IObit Advanced SystemCare Free is a widget that porcentaxeCPU,RAM, hard disk and network traffic shows, and also includes tools to free RAM and zahvatskrinshoty.TheRescueCenter your system to create and manage recovery points, while the Turbo Boost function, which can speed up Windows for unnecessary services and processes for funktsiy.Theantivirus specific unit off without extra resources to protect your PC against online dangers and gebruikIObit malware engine fighter intercepting malicious programm.IObit Advanced SystemCarelibres,other utilities, such asthe program Deactivator eliminating unnecessary processes in the background, HomePageZaschita which prevents unauthorized modifications to the home system and browser zoekmachineUw, andManageMyMobile, which helps clean, manage processes and eliminate malware from your Android smartphones (requires advanced mobile Warning) .ManageMyMobile also gets information from the device, which allows screen shots in real time to capture time, and podeimaxes, music, videos, contacts and applicationsustroystve.Vnutri package that will give two other well known software again: IObit booster unit, which constantly updates the driver continues to the latest version, and IObit Uninstaller, advanced software and browser hulpmiddelom plaginov.I Finally, the latest version of IObit Advanced SystemCare includes removing a boot manager with a 1 optimizationfeature automatically the speed of the system, which allows the andDefaultprograma software standard for each category-installing software(Browser, audio player, video player, image viewer, PDF reader and menedzherszhatye files). Another new feature worth mentioning aPlugin / cleaning Toolbar, which protects against potentially harmful results of a number of plugins.

Everything in its rukahIObit Advanced SystemCare Free is a visual cleaner, simpler than previous editions. Package is very comfortable and the home screen offers rápidoacceso to all parts of the product: care, protection, tool, TurboBoost, and the Center deystviy.Konstruktsiya simple and elegant, and are subject to change songs on their skins poispolzovanie taste. There are five standard available suite.In addition, you can change the background with an image downloaded from a computer.

Handyman lyuksEsli you are looking for a package that offers security and provides resource optimization for your PC, IObit Advanced SystemCare grata anall one-on-one, it is recommended for a complete withdrawal.

Advanced SystemCare 9


MSWLogo 6 5b Free Download


MSWLogo is rare, a programming environment based on the logo, which was originally based on Lisp and is intended for educational doeleindes.Die logo big plus is that if it is done for education, it is surprising easy to learn. This is a great panimulasa programming for children or those who want to start programming. It’s not all boring – although graphs and tables is the main application, can be used to MSWLogogames and applications for Windows OS skep.Die MSWLogoInterfeys about as basic as ditkry – in fact it is a maliitkatulad using MS Basic. There are tons of books and even video guides to get you started logo, so you can create your own box or chart is not in time.MSWLogo is a great way for beginners and children to start itokaya programming but limited, and is rarely used, you will findThis would not be too far away.

MSWLogo 6 5b


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